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Clothing Given New Life at Refurbishing Company

In times past, when items of mass-produced apparel experienced production defects, those pieces would usually be sent to a landfill or overseas. But now, they’re sent to Jeff Denby and Nicole Bassett.

Denby and Bassett are the founders of The Renewal Workshop, a factory that specializes in repairing irregular or defective clothing. Client apparel firms send their defective pieces to the Renewal Workshop where they are restored to like-new, then resold on what they call “recommerce” websites affiliated with their original manufacturer brands.

Bassett said, “It is unique for brands to allow someone else to fix their products. We invested a lot into developing repair standards so that brands could feel confident in the quality of the work we do so that they can stand behind their products being sold as renewed.”

The idea for the Renewal Workshop came out of a desire to reduce all the waste generated from the low-margin fast fashion industry. Their first factory was upgraded to a factory from a warehouse back in 2016. Since then, the company has since opened a second factory in Amsterdam.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Though we may have scars from mistakes or sins, they do not disqualify us from God's redemptive plan of salvation and restoration.

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