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Guitarist Makes 'Frankenstein' from Broken Guitars

John Entwistle, former bass guitarist with the rock band The Who, once made a guitar composed from the parts of five broken guitars. He called it "Frankenstein." One day the rest of the band came into his hotel room to find him jumping up and down saying "It's alive." Entwistle described his creations this way:

I put this together in San Francisco on a day off part way through a Who tour. It's the remains of five smashed basses hence the name "Frankenstein." In the mid 70's it was retired from stage work so I had it refinished from sunburst into its present pink color. I used this baby from 1967 onwards through [our most famous tours] … The neck, pickups and circuitry are from a "dead" slab bass, the tailpiece from a Jazz bass, the pickguard from a black P bass and the machine heads from 2 white P basses … [It took] two hours with a Phillips screwdriver and a soldering iron and I was ranting around my hotel room screaming "It's alive, it's alive!"

After Entwistle's death, it was auctioned at Sotheby's in London. It was expected to fetch about $10,000; instead, it fetched a staggering $100,000. Anyone looking at those broken guitars would have thought that they were good for nothing—fit to be thrown out. It took the eye of a master craftsman-musician to see their potential for "resurrection."

Possible Preaching Angles: God does the same with his children and his local churches. (Although calls us sons and daughters not Frankensteins.) What the world sees as broken and useless, in the hands of Jesus become an instrument of infinite value, making music to change the world.

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