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Physician Assistant License Suspended Over COVID Misconduct

The Washington Medical Commission has suspended the license of Scott Miller of Miller Family Pediatrics. The suspension was the culmination of an investigation launched after more than a dozen complaints about Miller were filed, all having to do with his conduct regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and/or treatment thereof.

Among them were allegations that Miller prescribed medicine without seeing patients, actively interfered with patient care in hospitals, and engaged in “a hostile and threatening public campaign against hospitals and doctors.” Complainants also alleged that Miller’s use of social media was also detrimental to general medical practice because of his disdain for masks. One complainant wrote, “He talked about the stupidity of people taking the pandemic seriously, then shared a barrage of antiquated or false information regarding COVID.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

Dire consequences result when people in positions of public trust act recklessly and put others at risk. Misconduct from leaders is judged more harshly because of their responsibility to do right in serving the community.

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