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Influencers Tout Unsafe Travel Hack

It’s so hard to be comfortable during commercial air flight, that many TikTok influencers have begun advocating for an unorthodox seating position. Catering to the more flexible among us, these influencers are taking videos with their knees at their chest, perching their feet at the edge of their seat, and securing their seat belt around their ankles

But experts call it risky and unsafe, primarily for one simple reason. Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants, said “The seat belt is designed to sit low and tight across your lap. This is not only for your safety; if you are not properly buckled in you will likely hurt someone else when thrown in turbulence.”

Delta Airlines spokesman Drake Castañeda said, “Buckling your seat belt is chief among the ways to stay safe on an airplane. Especially as you see all these stories in the news and on social media of severe turbulence.” Castañeda says this is why flight attendants explain the federal laws that apply to each and every flight before takeoff.

Flight attendant Sabrina Schaller said, “I’ve heard many, many stories where flight attendants have told me they’ve had an unexpected hit-the-ceiling-type situation. So always wear the seat belt. Always, always, always, just to be safe.”

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