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Library Book Returned After 32 Years

Via their Twitter account, the St. John Fisher Catholic High School of Peterborough posted a picture of a book that was returned to its library. How long had this book been out of library circulation? At least 32 years, according to the anonymous scofflaw seeking amnesty. An attached note read, “Sorry, just 32 years overdue. Call it Catholic guilt.”

Chief of administration Rosie Roe was the one who opened the package with the long-lost book, and was disappointed that the guilty party remained anonymous. She said, "It was a real surprise when I opened it and saw what was inside, I thought it's a real shame they didn't leave a name because I was at the school at that time and wonder if I know them.”

It’s not clear whether the anonymous former student was motivated more by guilt or by the book’s subject matter. It’s title: Manners Make a Difference. The school will not return the book to library circulation, since its content is quite outdated, and after calculating that the fine would be approximately $1100 dollars, the school announced that “all is forgiven.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

It’s never too late to come to God with your long covered up sins and mistakes. He is always ready to forgive and release you from penalty through the work of Christ on the Cross.

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