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Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct Launching Comeback Without Apology

Some high-profile men accused of sexual misconduct are moving on with their careers without admitting to wrongdoing. Louis C.K., Les Moonves, and Garrison Keillor are just a few of the men who were previously forced to resign from positions or projects because of allegations of sexual misconduct. They are now trying to resurrect their careers by casting themselves as the real victims of false accusation.

But there was a notable exception to this recovery without repentance theme. TV showrunner Dan Harmon, formerly of NBC’s Community. Harmon publicly apologized during a podcast for his unwanted advances and subsequent retaliation against writer Megan Ganz during her stint as a writer on his show. Harmon said he abused both Ganz and his position of power by sexually harassing her during the time she worked on the series.

A day after the podcast aired, Ganz called his apology “a master class in how to apologize.” She also stated on Twitter, “This was never about vengeance; it's about vindication. That's why it didn’t feel right to just accept his apology in private (although I did that, too). Because if any part of this process should be done in the light, it’s the forgiveness part. And so, @danharmon, I forgive you.”

Potential Preaching Angles:

How can we expect forgiveness without expressing repentance? When we continue doing wrong without asking forgiveness, we reject God’s heart, whose kindness toward us is for the purpose of leading us toward change.


Glenn Whipp, “A year after #MeToo upended the status quo, the accused are attempting comebacks--but not offering apologies,” Los Angeles Times (10-05-18)

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