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Waffle House Crew Helps Student Attend Graduation

On May 27th, Timothy Harrison arrived at the local Waffle House to start another shift. But at some point, his routine was punctured by a pointed question from a coworker: “Why are you here today?”

It was common knowledge that Harrison’s school Woodlawn High was holding its commencement ceremony at a location across town. Manager Cedric Hampton chimed in, "That's when I said why aren't you going to graduation?” And he said 'I don't want to miss work.' So, I was like, you're going!"

Harrison eventually admitted that he showed up for work as usual because he didn’t have a ride. By that point, the Waffle House team was ready to spring into action. Co-worker Shantana Blevins asked, “What do we need to do?”

As it turns out, there was plenty to do, but they all banded together to get it done. Members of the team assisted in buying Harrison appropriate dress clothes, procuring the cap and gown, and transporting him to the ceremony. Hampton said his assistant manager even came in on her day off to mind the store, just so the rest of the crew could help their newest 18-year-old employee on his big day. His co-worker said they made it to the venue just in time for Harrison to participate.

The new graduate reflected on the experience, "I had people want to see me succeed, so it kind made me excited. When I put on clothes, that was a different feeling … I don't even know the words. A million dollars? It was the best feeling." And if that weren’t enough, once news of his big day spread, he was met with a full scholarship to Lawson State Community College.

After being part of Harrison’s story, co-worker Shantana Blevins reflected on her role in the rescue effort. "You never know who you can touch or who you can influence with one simple gesture."

Possible Preaching Angle:

God has empowered us to be a blessing in our community, it doesn't take a superhuman individual effort to do something good, just a willingness to do your part.

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