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Protests Sparked after Viral Video of Racist Harasser Includes Address

Edward Matthews had a problem with some of his neighbors, and it seemed based on his language and demeanor that he didn’t like their race. At least that’s how it appeared when a video of a confrontation went viral between Matthews, a middle-aged white man, and several younger Black men. Unfortunately, Matthews’ inability to keep his temper got the best of him when he blurted out his home address during the filmed confrontation, taunting his neighbors to “come [bleep]ing see me.”

In a way, Matthews got what he asked for. Before police eventually charged him with bias intimidation and harassment, hundreds of people gathered outside his residence to demand his arrest. As police led him from the house into a cruiser, Matthews was pelted by the crowd with water bottles and other foreign objects. Neighbors said that this behavior was common with Matthews and that they had been pleading for police intervention for months.

Kyle Gardner, a spokesman for the local police department, deplored Matthews’ behavior. “Nobody is as upset about this as we are. This is not what we want in our town.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

There are consequences for the words and ideas that we put out into the world. Our words have the power to uplift or tear down; we must use that power wisely.

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