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World Renown Cellist Plays Impromptu Concert at Vaccine Site

During the mandatory fifteen-minute observation period following their vaccine shots for COVID-19, a room full of people were treated to something else rare and costly; an impromptu concert from an 18-time Grammy-award-winner.

World famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma has a residence in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. So, having traveled to the local community college campus to receive his vaccination shots, the celebrated musician made a request to give a little something back.

Professor Jonah Sykes said, “He asked one of our clinic managers if he could perform a few songs for folks in the observation area.” While wearing his mask, Ma set up along the back wall--socially distant from the rest of the room--and began playing his instrument. Sykes said, “Many people were moved to tears. It was an exceptional moment at the end of a long day of giving shots.”

This kind of philanthropy has become a part of Ma’s public persona. Back in March of 2020, when plenty of Americans were trying to adjust to having to stay at home, he repeatedly played his cello in a series of Twitter live streams called “Songs of Comfort.” Similarly, in August 2020 he teamed up with pianist Emmanuel Ax to play a series of pop-up concerts for frontline workers in the Pittsfield area.

If his chosen name was any indication, this is the life intended for Yo-Yo Ma. Named after the Chinese word for “friendship,” his prodigious gifting also resembles the namesake American toy. Whenever and wherever people are down, he has a knack for bringing them back up again.

Possible Preaching Angle:

When we use our God-given talents to bless the community, we honor God as the source of those talents.

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