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Rappers Lauded for Urban Philanthropy

Rap artists Megan Thee Stallion and Missy Elliott have been burnishing their résumés as of late; following entries for “platinum-selling recording artist” there’s a new one: “budding philanthropist.”

Megan Pete, known onstage as Megan Thee Stallion, recently established a scholarship fund at her alma mater Texas Southern University. The $150,000 Flaming Hot Fund was established in partnership with Frito-Lay, and seeks to alleviate outstanding student debt. She said, “I feel like everyone knows I love education and I would definitely advise anyone to pursue a real degree and to finish school.”

The Flaming Hot Fund will be partially funded from sales of a streetwear apparel line inspired by Flaming Hot Cheetos, a favorite of hers. Additionally, Frito-Lay will make a separate donation of $100,000 to the Pete and Thomas Foundation, a non-profit Megan Thee Stallion launched in 2022 to help underserved communities in her hometown of Houston.

As for Missy Elliott, she recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of her street dedication in Virginia by donating to the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority. Elliott’s donation of $50,000 was enough to pay the past-due rents for 26 families in the area. She said that she wanted the occasion to be an opportunity to give back to the community that gave her so much.

Patricia Elliott spoke at the Portsmouth ceremony, explaining her daughter’s motivation for giving back: “So when you give, you give because you remember those days when you didn’t have. If each person would give when they get to the top, then, what a real beautiful world we would be in.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

You don't have to be a titan of business to engage in philanthropy; no matter your role, position, or station in life, anyone can make an impact through generosity.

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