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Tech CEO Resigns After Racist Outburst in Restaurant

A tech executive has since apologized and resigned from his position after footage of his racist tirade went viral. Michael Lofthouse, former CEO of San Francisco information technology firm Solid8, was captured on cell phone video verbally accosting an Asian family celebrating a birthday at a local restaurant.

Raymond Orosa, was one of the targets of Lofthouse’s vitriol. “He was full of hate and anger. It’s sad that there are still people that are like that in this world, let alone in this country.” After the initial outburst, one of the restaurant servers confronted Lofthouse and forced him to leave. Still shaken from the incident, one of Orosa’s family members uploaded the clip to Instagram, where it was widely viewed and shared.

Lofthouse later apologized, saying “this was clearly a moment where I lost control and made incredibly hurtful and divisive comments.” But the damage had been done. Almost two weeks later, a Change.org petition calling on Lofthouse to resign had more than 23,000 signatures.

Lofthouse confirmed his resignation to The San Francisco Chronicle. “I can confirm that I have stepped down from Solid8, terminating all business relationships with immediate effect. I will make it my duty to ensure my personal actions do not continue to have a detrimental impact on those people closest to me.”

As for Orosa, he’s taking the high road. “I can't say what he did was acceptable or right, it isn't. A lot of people will probably disagree with me for saying I forgive him ... but I do.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

The only way to restore a broken relationship is through repentance; when the offense is done publicly, it deserves a public apology. And for it to qualify as repentance, the apology must be accompanied by a change in behavior and intent.


Melanie Woodrow, “San Francisco tech CEO kicked out of Carmel Valley restaurant following racist rant caught on camera,” ABC7 News (7-7-20)

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