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GM Teams Up with Medical Device Company to Manufacture Ventilators

Executives at medical device firm Ventec Life Systems were impressed right away when they brought their concerns to automotive behemoth General Motors (GM). GM officials had previously pledged logistical support to assist Ventec in the production of ventilators, a critical need in the treatment of COVID-19, the infection that results from the novel coronavirus.

In their first meeting, Ventec CEO Chris Kiple explained a critical problem: one of the major components needed was made in a factory in India where the entire region was under quarantine. That one missing piece made the ventilator inoperable. Kiple said, “GM literally sent people there that night to India to get boots on the ground to help us get that factory opened. It changed the conversation. We had to work with the government (in India), we had to work with GM. We had to understand what the issues were to get the factory back open.”

Since the emergence of the novel coronavirus, medical experts have been warning about potential ventilator shortages. After news of the collaboration between GM and Ventec, both Ford and General Electric have announced plans to join forces with the collaborative effort, simply titled Project V. They are hoping to produce 12,000 ventilators by the end of June, and 50,000 by the end of July.

Possible Preaching Angles:

Good things can happen when talented people cooperate for the sake of something greater than themselves. God is glorified when the creativity he granted us is used to serve the vulnerable and those in need.

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