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HS Principal Resigns After Spiteful Kobe Bryant Tweet

“Not gonna lie. Seems to me that karma caught up with a rapist today.” These were the thoughts articulated by former Camas High School principal Liza Sejkora on the day that Kobe Bryant and several others died in a horrific helicopter crash. Sejkora’s post referenced Bryant’s 2003 accusation from--and subsequent settlement agreement with--a 19-year-old Colorado resort employee. Her words sparked an outcry among students and other community stakeholders. She eventually deleted the Facebook post, and apologized afterward, but the damage was done.

After a flurry of responses, Sejkora issued a public apology, calling her initial comments “a personal, visceral reaction” that was “inappropriate and tasteless.” Sejkora said, “In education, we remind students to think before they post online, especially when feelings are inflamed. We also teach our students about context. My emotions and past experiences got the best of me in that moment. We also teach our students that what we share online has permanency.”

After an intense backlash of student responses that included threats of a walkout, the principal offered her resignation to the local superintendent, who accepted it. In her announcement, Sejkora concluded, “students and staff deserve to have a learning environment free of disruptions.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

Being a Christian means we submit all of our behaviors to Christ's Lordship, even the way we speak casually.


Jim Ryan, “Camas principal who suggested Kobe Bryant deserved to die put on leave” The Oregonian (2-5-20)

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