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Suspected Car Thieves Leave Selfies Behind in Vehicle

Joe Williams was grateful to find that the vehicle he reported stolen had been recovered. But the car thieves left behind several oddities along with their mess, including a series of candid, mocking selfies.

As Williams went through his 1995 Jeep Cherokee, he found a large stuffed bear, a tattoo gun and ink, and an old disposable camera that had been long ago stored and forgotten in the glove compartment.

When one of his children took it in to get it developed, they expected to find a few old memories. Instead, they were surprised to find photos of the alleged joyriding car thieves. Amused, Williams posted them to his Facebook page with a sarcastic caption. “Anyone recognize these Einsteins?” Though he found the photos the thieves left behind, he has no plans to prosecute. “The Jeep’s older than dirt,” he explained.

Potential Preaching Angles: Carelessness in general leads to folly, but specifically it can also compromise our ability to think through our actions. Selfishness infects our thinking and causes all manner of foolishness.

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