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Man Accidentally Discharges Weapon While Showing Off

Unless there’s a legitimate reason, most firearm experts would agree that, when in the general public, concealed weapons should stay concealed. That’s a lesson that one Oregon man will not likely forget. According to representatives for the Lincoln City Police Department, Nicholas Ellingford, was in the checkout line at McKay’s Market when he decided to show off his Glock 9mm pistol to a friend. As he tried to tuck the gun into his pants, he mistakenly pulled the trigger – shooting himself in the groin.

Fortunately, the shot barely missed his femoral artery, which likely would’ve been fatal. However, Ellingford’s wound required a helicopter transport to a hospital in Portland, over 100 miles away. Police say Ellingford might face criminal charges in connection with the shooting, since he did not have a concealed-carry license for the handgun.

Possible Preaching Angles:

Whether in handling the Word of God, handling literal weapons, or the way we use our words, we can cause great pain and damage when we handle without great care.

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