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Alert Young Man Prevents Abduction in Restaurant

Cody Byrd was seated at Biscuitville, a local breakfast spot, preparing to eat before heading off to work. But he noticed something peculiar: an older man was staring intently at an 8-year-old girl, who was seated next to her mother. Byrd said, “He just kept staring at her. It gave me this weird feeling.”

The man, who police later identified as Timothy Fry, got up from his seat after the girl left to use the restroom. Byrd sensed something amiss, so he also got up and followed them both into the hallway adjacent to both restrooms. Byrd asked Fry if he was waiting to use the bathroom. “And when he said, ‘Oh no, you go ahead,’ … that’s when it kind of rang that something’s not right.”

Byrd ducked into the men’s bathroom, listening intently. When he heard the women’s restroom door open, he darted back out--and saw Fry trying to grab the girl. She ran back to her mother, while Fry quickly started clearing his table, preparing to leave.

Avoiding a potentially messy confrontation, Byrd instead got a photo of Fry and his vehicle, and reported the interaction to police. As a result, Fry was arrested and faces a litany of charges, including kidnapping.

Greensboro police spokesman Ron Glenn praised Byrd’s actions. “(He) stepped up and prevented a far worse incident from happening. He was willing to help out and was able to act quickly enough to … get this man apprehended.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

Being a Christian means being ready to respond in obedience at all times. We honor God when we risk our own safety to defend the vulnerable.


Kenwyn Caranna, “He Just Kept Staring at Her” Greensboro News & Record (1-8-20)

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