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Attentive Waitress Saves Boy from Abuse

When waitress Flaviane Carvalho sensed something was wrong with the boy at her table, she took decisive action. Carvalho, a server and manager at Mrs. Potato Restaurant, quickly wrote a note asking if he needed help, and briefly showed it to him. When the boy nodded, she did her best to get him help, eventually calling the police to intervene.

In interviews, Carvalho said two things she observed told her something was amiss. “When I looked at the boy, I saw a big scratch between his eyebrows. I started observing and I could (see) that he was super quiet and sad. I [also] observed that everyone received food but not the kid. I’m a mother also and this was very strange to me because you don’t deny food for a kid.”

Later that evening, officers arrested the boy’s father for child abuse. Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón said, “We are 100% convinced that it saved the life of a child. That child was destined to be killed. That’s how severe the injuries were. That’s how horrific the recollection of the abuse the child shared with us was.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

We show the love of Jesus when we protect the vulnerable, especially children about whom Jesus was outspoken in his loving defense.

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