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Super Bowl MVP Described as ‘Nowhere Near Ready to Play in the NFL’

In 2017 the Kansas City Chiefs drafted Patrick Mahomes from Texas Tech. In 2018-2019, his second season, Mahomes led the team to the AFC Championship game. Then in 2020 he led the Chiefs to their first Superbowl win in 50 years. His performance in the biggest game of the season earned him the title of youngest Superbowl MVP. Some sports analysts suggest that Mahomes has the potential to become the “Greatest of All Time.”

Mahomes has not always been universally adored, however. After being drafted in 2017, a writer from the USA Today gave the Chiefs a C- grade for selecting Mahomes. The writer proclaimed:

Calling Mahomes a project is a major understatement. He’s nowhere near ready to play in the NFL. And, honestly, he may never be. Between his inconsistent accuracy due to poor mechanics, his tendency to bail from clean pockets and his lack of field vision, he’s going to leave as many big plays on the field as he creates. This was a risky pick.

History, however, will give the Chiefs an A+.

Possible Preaching Angle:

The Bible is full of examples of godly men who failed to see potential and gave C- grades to future A+ leaders. Samuel looked at David and didn’t see a leader, but anointed him only because God had already “drafted” David. Paul refused to take John Mark on his journey and even parted ways with Barnabas when Barnabas “the Son of Encouragement” rightly saw potential in Mark. These stories, both biblical and contemporary, remind us to be cautious in our evaluations of others, to seek counsel from other leaders, and to ask God to give us his eyes to see people as he sees them.

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