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Salon Owner Offers Video Consultations to Prevent DIY Hair Disasters

As the lockdown from Covid-19 began to become reality, Deanna Everson peered into the future, and what she saw scared her. As the owner of Portland’s Ginger Salon she said, “Everyone is going to buy those highlighting kits, and they're going to make their hair look like cheetah-print orange death.”

As a way of averting this impending catastrophe of bad hair decisions, Everson began offering video consultations, to both serve her clientele as well as keep her stylists working. Now customers can get feedback about how to cut their own hair, or if they’re not that adventurous, to make plans about what changes they will make when they’re able to seek treatment in person.

Amidst rumors of stylists and customers defying the order and meeting in secret, she hoped her decision will influence others in a good way. Everson said, “I hope that other salons see this, and instead of choosing to go secret and go rogue, they're like, 'No, we can do this, too. We can go this route and keep each other safe.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

The wisdom of those with more experience can help to guide us during times of need. Let's not learn painful mistakes the hard way, but rather let's make room for wisdom through the input of others.


Scout Brobst, “A Portland Salon Owner Wants to Keep the City From Making Bad Hair Choices During Quarantine,” Willamette Week (3-25-20)

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