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Coach K Apologizes After Scolding Students About Misunderstood Cheer

Legendary Duke men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski recently apologized for losing his temper at students in Cameron Indoor Stadium. He thought they were jeering the opposing coach; as it turns out, they were welcoming him back. The students chanted, “Jeff Capel, sit with us!” Capel, head coach of the University of Pittsburgh Panthers, had been a player under Coach K in the 90s.

So, when Coach K heard Capel’s name being chanted, he was confused--and enraged. Cameras caught him shouting “Shut up!” to the students; he even walked over to the section as the game’s first half concluded and yelled, “He’s one of us.”

Later, Coach K found out--the students knew, and agreed. He told reporters after the game, “I thought it was something personal. I apologize to the students for that.” Capel told reporters afterward he was unaware of the exchange. He said, “I heard them yell. I didn't know what they were saying. I was locked into the competition.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

We cannot be effective leaders if we jump to conclusions too quickly ... but it shows Christian maturity when we admit when we were wrong.

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