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Sportsmanlike Conduct is ‘The Normal Thing to Do’

Just moments before crossing the finish line in third place, British triathlete James Teagle missed a turn and bumped into a metal barrier. Meanwhile, Spanish triathlete Diego Mentrida easily passed him to gain third place at the Santander Triathlon held in Spain on Sept. 13. But instead of crossing the finish line, Mentrida stopped short and allowed Teagle to retake his position and finish third. The pair shook hands just before Teagle crossed the line.

After the race, Mentrida said the British athlete deserved the finish. Mentrida later said on Instagram, “This is something my parents and my club taught me since I was a child. In my view it should be a normal thing to do.” Race organizers gave Mentrida an honorary third prize of nearly $350 although he technically finished fourth.

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