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The Strength of Humility

A pastor in India was confronted angrily by a man in his office one day. This man made many unfair and untrue accusations against the pastor. After finishing his angry outburst, the man asked the pastor what he had to say.

In response, the pastor got up from his chair, walked to the washroom next door, filled an empty basin with water and came back to the room. The angry man was surprised when he saw the basin of water and asked what it was for. The pastor replied that even though the accusations were not true, that since the person was nevertheless upset with him, he felt the right thing to do, was for him to ask forgiveness. He then offered to wash the man’s feet. What happened then was that the man broke down in tears at this act of humility and opened his heart to the Lord. The pastor's humility was shown to be a strength and not a weakness!

One of the most important character traits a Christian needs to cultivate is humility. True humility always stands out as a powerful strength instead of a weakness, and always pleases God. The Scripture says, “All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another” (1 Peter 5:5-6).


Palitha Jayasooriya in his sermon, “Beautiful Acts for God,” Peoples Church, Colombo, Sri Lanka (8-27-14)

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