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Artificial Blood Developed for Patients of Any Blood Type

When someone has been injured in a serious accident or has excessive bleeding during surgery there is often an immediate need for a blood transfusion. However, the patient must be given a blood type that is compatible with their own or life-threatening complications can arise. Now Japanese researchers said they have developed artificial blood that can be transfused into patients regardless of their blood type and can vastly improve the chances for survival of seriously injured people.

The artificial blood gets around problems with identifying blood types in emergency situations and overcomes limits on storing real blood from donors. At this time, platelets can only be stored for four days, while red blood cells can be kept for a maximum of 20 days at low temperatures. However, artificial blood can be stored at normal temperatures for more than a year.

Professor Manabu Kinoshita said, “It is difficult to stock a sufficient amount of blood for transfusions in such regions as remote islands. The artificial blood will be able to save the lives of people who otherwise could not be saved.”

Currently the blood types of patients must be confirmed before they can receive transfusions, so emergency medical technicians are prohibited from transfusing blood in ambulances. Since blood type is not an issue with the artificial blood, injured patients can be treated before they arrive at hospitals, resulting in a higher survival rate. No negative side effects, such as blood clotting, have been observed.

Possible Preaching Angles:

The genuine (not artificial) blood of Jesus saves everyone who receives it. There are no compatibility issues, there is no scarcity of supply, and it lasts for all eternity.


Hajime Mikami, “Artificial blood developed for patients of any blood type,” Asahi Shimbun.com (9-29-19)

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