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NFL Player Reprimands Jersey-Clad Fan Crime

Sometimes NFL fans are embarrassed by the players they cheer for when they get into scrapes with the law. But this time, the proverbial football cleat was on the other foot. Local police recently tweeted a request for the public’s help in identifying a theft suspect from security camera footage. Dubbed “the Barefoot Beer Bandit,” his most obviously identifiable trait was the number 32 Cincinnati Bengals jersey he was wearing.

Plenty of locals got a chuckle from this tweet, but one person wasn’t amused: current Bengals rookie running back Trayveon Williams, who currently wears the number 32 for the team.

Given his unknown age, it’s possible the suspect’s jersey was in honor of former Bengals running backs Jeremy Hill, Cedric Benson, or the most recent wearer of the jersey, Mark Walton, who was released by the Bengals in April after his third offseason arrest.

As for Williams, he made his feelings known in a reply tweet, which concisely featured a facepalm emoji along the words “come on man.”

Potential Preaching Angle: Just as Trayveon Williams takes seriously those who commit crimes while wearing his jersey, we should also take seriously our responsibility to represent Christ well in public.

Source: Samer Kalaf, “In A Twist, Bengals Player Embarrassed by Fan's Crime.” Deadspin.com (7-18-19)

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