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We Are Ambassadors for Christ Not for Ourselves

In season one, episode eight of the Netflix series, The Crown, a drama following the life of Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen travels to Ceylon on a diplomatic tour. She appoints her sister, Princess Margaret, to be her representative for minor royal engagements. Princess Margaret, who has long been unhappy with her sister's lack of flair as a queen, takes the opportunity to "bring color and personality to the Monarchy." She speaks her own mind, jokes with the press, and belittles other dignitaries. In this scene, the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, has come to rebuke the Princess, and relieve her of her duties as a representative. He explains to her that she was not appointed to represent herself.

Here's a condensed conversation from the scene:

Prime Minister Churchill: Your Royal Highness, when you appear in public, performing official duties, you are not you.
Princess Margaret: Of course I'm me.
Prime Minister Churchill: The Crown. That's what they've come to see, not you.

Possible Preaching Angles: In the same way, as a Christ-follower, I do not go out into the world to express my personal views, opinions and agendas; I am Christ's ambassador. Christ. That's who the world has come to see. Not me.

Start 41:12 End 41:41, opens with the Prime Minister speaking to Princess Margaret

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