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Video Games Offer Second Chances and Endless Virtual Resurrections

Sam Leith is an English author and literary editor of the British newsmagazine The Spectator. He spends most of his time reading great pieces of writing. However, he enthusiastically makes the case for playing video games, which are supposedly mindless and a waste of time.

Leith asks if the time spent playing video games is pointless. “Well, possibly—but it’s … pointless in the same way meditation is pointless … and playing or following sport is pointless. It’s a pointless thing that fulfils a foundational human need. Not being able to bear very much reality, and all that.”

Leith’s main point is that these games offer an escape from the often grim, harsh, and mundane experience of real life. Life can be cruel and often doesn’t give you second chances. “Out here … things fall apart. Time runs only one way. But in the game world, the resurrection of the virtual flesh is not a miracle but a routine occurrence. There’s always another life, another try, the possibility of remaking the world of the game afresh.”

Possible Preaching Angles: It is true that some people spend hours in a virtual world of games. However, the church can recognize the heart need this represents and offer true new life and a fresh start in Christ.

Sam Leith, “The Art, Beauty and Joy of Videogames,” The Spectator (3-2-19)

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