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The Song That Plays On And On

Somewhere in the Namib Desert, the American rock band Toto’s song “Africa” (first released in 1982) is blaring from a set of speakers. Namibian-German artist Max Siedentopf spent December constructing a new art installation on the rugged desert landscape of his home country. His goal: that the sounds of Toto’s rock anthem “Africa” be heard in perpetuity. To that end, Siedentopf connected six speakers to an MP3 player loaded with the song set to play on a loop and placed it in an undisclosed location in the Namib Desert. According to the plan, the solar batteries hooked into the speakers and player will ensure perpetual power and allow “Africa” to play—at least until it rains.

Possible Preaching Angle: In heaven there is a truly perpetual song of praise lifted up to the eternal and almighty God. Saints and angels will sing his praise unceasingly in love and worship.

“Song in the Sand,” WORLD Quick Takes (2-16-19), page 16

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