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Composer Wants to Express 'Love for Every Note'

For most Americans Arvo Pärt isn't exactly a household name. But the Estonian composer of classical and sacred music has won numerous international awards and honorary doctorates. After the pain of a struggling marriage and a prolonged illness, the talented Pärt spent seven or eight years searching, during which he wrote his only symphony—Symphony No. 3. During that time, he also came to embrace the Christian faith, being received into the Eastern Orthodox Church.

In a review of his work, the British newspaper The Guardian quoted Pärt simple but lofty goal for his vocation and calling. He said that he wants his music to express "love for every note" he writes or plays.

What a beautiful way to pursue our calling in life. No matter what we do, no matter where we're planted in life, no matter who sees what we do, can we make it our desire to express love for every note that God calls us to play?

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