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Eight-Year-Old Banned from School Photos, Gets Custom Photo Shoot

When young Marian Scott got the news last October that she would be unable to participate in school pictures, she was devastated. Marian’s bright-red hair extensions were a violation of the school dress code, even though she’d previously worn them to school without incident. Her father Doug Scott told CNN, “She called us in tears. The school didn't apologize or have any intention of changing their policy. They made my daughter feel inadequate and every child should feel adequate at school.”

When the story was shared via social media, it got the attention of Chicago photographer Jermaine Horton. He then made the 4.5 hour drive to Michigan to arrange a special photo shoot for Marian. His one request? She should wear the red extensions. Horton said, “This is an 8-year-old girl who was singled out by her school. I'm a father and I'm tired of seeing injustices like this happen. I wanted her to be herself, and to let her know that it’s OK to be herself.”

Doug says all the attention helped turn his daughter’s negative experience into a positive. “It's made me see that there are people out there who care, like Jermaine. My daughter was very disappointed before but she's much happier now.”

Possible Preaching Angles: God cares about those who are rejected for their looks; God finds a way to provide honor to those who have been dishonored.

Source: Mirna Alsharif, “Michigan 8-year-old gets photo shoot after being denied school picture for her hair extensions,” CNN (11-20-19)

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