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Woman Launches Social Media Hunt for Anonymous Rescuer

A woman who was abandoned as an infant has turned to Facebook to find the people who rescued her. In January 1983, Amanda Jones says one of her birth parents wrapped her in a blanket and left her inside a dumpster near the Prado Business Mall in Atlanta. Three months later, Jones was in foster care, and was eventually adopted. Now, Jones has launched a campaign to find the people who helped change her life. “I want to thank whoever found me because they changed so many lives by being in the right place at the right time.”

After tracking down the police report from the day she was found, Jones contacted Joyce Vaughn, the now-retired detective that handled the case. Jones said, “After I spoke to Joyce and I felt like I had a new heart. I felt like there was a weight lifting off me after 36 years, to know these stories.”

Her Facebook appeals led her to two of the paramedics who transported her to the hospital. Jones said, “Knowing that they held me and warmed me, it makes me feel really good.” By sharing each meaningful contact, Jones has high hopes that she will eventually reach her rescuer.

Jones said, “(If those) people … hadn't found me, my children wouldn't be here today. My husband wouldn't have a wife. So, it is such a blessing to all of us. So many people have been blessed by that one night and one person.”

Potential Preaching Angles: Even brief acts of heroic kindness can reverberate for decades. God loves someone who does good away from the cameras, without seeking recognition or acclaim.

Source: Chelsea Robinson, “Woman Abandoned in Dumpster 36 Year Ago Looking for Good Samaritan Who Saved Her” KCCI.com (8-23-19)

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