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Chinese Province Forgives Traffic Fines for Online Confession

Traffic police in China are trying a pilot program in Dazhou where motorists can receive forgiveness for their moving violations (and the fines that accompany them), provided that they confess on social media.The catch is, the post must get 20 or more likes for the pardon to be official. If the pilot is successful the program will spread to other parts of the city.

So far, the social network of choice is Weibo, a popular platform for microblogging (similar to Twitter), where at least 10 different people have posted their confessions of driving mishaps, many of them reposted by the official account of the Dazhou Traffic Police Brigade.

One driver was especially circumspect. "I was seized by traffic police when driving my scooter in the wrong direction at an intersection … I have learned it was wrong after education by the traffic police officer. I would like to remind internet users to learn from my lesson and not to think it was OK to commit mistakes when driving a scooter."

Police representatives stress that the program is only for minor traffic offenses involving pedestrians, bicycles, or scooters, since verbal warnings for these violations haven't served as much of a deterrent.

Potential Preaching Angles: Confession isn't just good for the soul, it's good for the community. If we sin in public, let us endeavor to make amends in public as well.

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