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British Defense Minister Interrupted by Siri

A British Parliamentarian recently yielded the floor to a most unexpected interloper: his new iPhone. British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson's iPhone his address to the House of Commons regarding Islamic State terrorists. It was triggered by Williamson's mention of the country Syria, which sounds confusingly similar to Siri, the iPhone's voice-activated virtual assistant.

"What a very rum business that is," interjected Speaker John Bercow, using "rum" as a synonym for "odd." In response, Williamson acknowledged the novelty of the moment. "It is very rare that you're heckled by your own mobile phone," he admitted.

Critics of the Secretary Williamson raised security concerns about the potential risk of carrying a device designed to eavesdrop into the kinds of highly-classified security briefings that come with the role, but a BBC source close to Williamson downplayed those concerns, saying he did not carry the phone into meetings deemed confidential or sensitive.

Potential Preaching Angle: Technology; Interruptions; Busyness; Stress—Contemporary life, with all of our gadgets and technology, can add stress and interruptions that we never intended. 2) Attention; Commitment; Distractions - Are we focused on the task the Lord has given us, or are we distracted and not giving the Lord's work our full attention?

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