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Pro Golfer Jordan Spieth Gains Perspective from Autistic Sister

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Pro Golfer Jordan Spieth Gains Perspective from Autistic Sister

Jack Alexander shares a meaningful story about staying grounded even while in the spotlight:

Jordan Spieth is a professional golfer on the PGA Tour who has been ranked as the number one player in the Official World Golf Ranking. He has also made Time's "100 Most Influential People" list, in which he was described as someone who "exemplifies everything that's good about sports."

But if you've ever watch Spieth after a tournament he always refers to his success using terms such as "we" and "our team." That's unusual in an individual sport like golf. But Spieth is quick to point out that his parents, his caddy, his coaches, and his advisers all bring something to his game. And more than any of them, Spieth credits as his "key inspiration" his sister Ellie, who is autistic. He goes to hug her first after every win. In an interview, he said, "I try to get back home all the time to be with her and regroup. … She sets everything in perspective for me. She is so happy for the littlest of things."

Ellie, a "weak" person with a disability, teaches and grounds Spieth, a talented young man who could easily lose himself in the spotlight. But he knows life is about more than winning a game.

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