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Man Grades and Returns Ex-Girlfriend's Apology Letter

If you're thinking of writing an apology letter to a former significant other, you'll probably consider a lot of factors: the amount of time that's passed since the break-up, whether an email or a handwritten note would be better, etc. But perhaps you should also consider whether your ex will send your letter back to you—graded.

That's just what happened to the ex-girlfriend of Nick Lutz, a student at the University of Central Florida. Lutz had "received a hand-written, four-page letter from his ex, who apologized for the mistakes she made in their relationship."

His response? "He marked up her apology letter, gave it a D-, and said he sent it back to her."

Lutz was critical of several aspects of his ex's letter: "He first noted an indention error and criticized the long introduction. Then he scrutinized the body and statements made throughout the letter."

At the letter's conclusion, Lutz wrote his closing thoughts. He "pointed out that his ex had a 'strong hypothesis but nothing to back it up,'" commenting that she must "stop contradicting [her] own story and pick a side."

His tweet about the letter, in which he shared photos of his edits, has received more than 330,000 likes so far.

Potential Preaching Angles: Even if we've been absent from our relationship with God for a long time, we shouldn't fear rejection upon our return—after all, "[i]f we forgive our sins, he is faithful and just" (1 John 1:9).

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