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'This American Life': We've All Had Regrets

On an episode of This American Life, a radio show and podcast, host Ira Glass says:

Some regrets just never go away. People tell us that they forgive us. We try to forgive ourselves. And we still know, we did wrong. We hurt somebody. It was real. And that feeling, it can immobilize you. If you're lucky, it teaches you something that you take into other situations. But I think, often, it's just like this pebble in your shoe that teaches you nothing. It doesn't slow you down, really. It just hurts. It just hurts in this way that does not stop hurting.

Glass refers to the song "My Way" by Frank Sinatra where Sinatra smugly sings, "Regrets, I've had a few … But then again, too few to mention." Glass counters:

Oh, really? "Too few to mention"? Not me, buddy. Not most people. If you don't have regrets, it means you haven't screwed up. It means you haven't had your heart broken. It means you haven't been bloodied. It means you haven't failed, you haven't failed. Like, why even live? Why even live a life?

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