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80 Beachgoers Form Human Chain to Save Swimmers from Rip Current

Beachgoers along the shores of Panama City Beach in Florida recently found themselves witness to an event as dangerous as it was inspiring. While playing in the water, two boys suddenly became caught in a rip current and started screaming for help. Understandably, the boys' mother jumped in the water to try to save them, only to get caught herself. One by one, more family members came in after the group, only to face the same predicament. After just a short time, the spectacle and shouts had attracted a number of onlookers. "There was a guy in the water, saying, 'Man, they're all stuck out there, the riptide's pulled them out. I tried to go out there; if I go any farther, I'm going to get stuck,'" said witness Derek Simmons. But luckily, Simmons' wife Jessica did some quick thinking, gathered the help of those around them, and began instructing people to grasp arms and wade into the sea as a human chain, anchored to the safety of the shore. As many as 80 people worked together in this fashion, and after a stressful few minutes successfully pulled the swimmers to safety. "It was the most remarkable thing to see," Jessica Simmons told reporters. "These people who don't even know each other and they trust each other that much to get them to safety."

Potential Preaching Angles: Christians in the past have noticed how "Christianity is one beggar telling another beggar where he found bread." One of the most beautiful parts of the gospel is how after God saves his children, he does not tell them to sit idle but allows them to join him in the precious work of taking the good news to the remainder of the world.

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