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Woman Waves Red Sari to Warn Train

A brave woman may have saved hundreds of lives in India by waving her red sari to stop a train—after spotting broken tracks further down the line. Omvati Devi waved the flowing red garment in front of an approaching train after noticing part of the line was faulty. Spotting the woman, the driver was able to stop the train just in the nick of time, avoiding potential disaster.

Omvati’s quick-thinking benefitted between 150 to 200 passengers aboard the train in Uttar Pradesh, India. The woman, who’s been praised for her heroic actions, was quoted saying:

I was on my way to work and it was then when I stumbled to found a broken track. I was quick to realize that this could result in a massive tragedy. Well, I had heard a lot that red stands for danger. I used my sari to tie it around the track to thwart any untoward incident which luckily did work when the driver applied brakes.

The driver offered her 100 rupees, but she turned it down. “Then, he insisted that I keep the money, which I did.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

In the spiritual realm, Christians are called by God to wave a warning flag to rescue those who are perishing (Jude 1:23) before it is too late.

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