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Aging Detroit Stadium Resists Demolition Attempt

After a dramatic countdown and the expected sights, sounds and smells of explosions and plumes of smoke, onlookers were denied the ultimate spectacle during the morning of December 3rd at 8:30AM. The Silverdome, former home of both the NFL's Detroit Lions and the NBA's Detroit Pistons, failed to implode on cue.

Amid a flood of head-scratching and jokes on social media, Pontiac Mayor Deirdre Waterman was forced to give a statement updating the general public on what exactly went wrong. "Although we're waiting for a final assessment from the Adamo Group, we have been informed by them that eight shape charges didn't go off on the main columns."

Despite the decades of gridiron futility from the stadium's main tenants, it appeared that, despite external signs of structural decay, the stadium was stronger than it appeared. According to sources onsite, the plan was for explosives to weaken the main steel columns supporting the stadium's upper ring, but afterward the beams were still standing. Officials claimed its downfall was still imminent, but could not release a specific timetable. "We just have to wait and let gravity do its job," said one official. Another jokingly suggested that perhaps the Silverdome "was built a little too well."

The Silverdome eventually succumbed to a second demolition attempt the following morning. Its implosion is supposed to be the first major step in a redevelopment plan designed to inject economic growth in the beleaguered town. No word was given on what specific buildings will replace it, or if the same team responsible for the unexpectedly resilient stadium will be part of the development effort.

Thus, only time will tell will how long the new buildings will last. One thing is clear, however - anything built to last needs a strong foundation and a solid structure to support it.

Potential Preaching Angles: If we build carefully with Godly priorities, our ministry will withstand the enemy's attacks. Spiritual disciplines like prayer, worship, and confession are the foundation that our work needs in order to bear fruit that will last.

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