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Ten Thousand Dollars for Finding a Bug? (An Instagram Bug, That Is)

A 10-year-old boy in Finland recently came into quite a bit of cash—$10,000, to be exact—for spotting a bug in an app you might have heard of before: Instagram. The boy, Jani, found that he could delete other people's Instagram comments—and Instagram wanted to thank him for uncovering the glitch. Plenty of folks who have found other bugs have been similarly rewarded, but Jani made the news for being the youngest out of these recipients. What does he plan to do with the money? ABC News reports that "he'd like to treat himself to a soccer ball and a bicycle."

Possible Preaching Angle:

Ten thousand dollars might sound pretty nice, but thankfully, the blessings in our lives—even our salvation—do not depend on our own works or abilities.


Alyssa Newcomb, “Facebook Rewards 10-Year-Old Boy With $10,000 After Finding Instagram Bug,” ABC News (5-4-16)

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