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Spending on Mother's Day vs. Father's Day

Who gets the most attention on their special day—moms or dads? Here's a breakdown on the stats for Mother's Day and Father's Day spending:

  • Number of people who celebrate Mother's Day—84.5%
  • Number celebrating Father's Day—76.1%
  • Overall spending on Mother's Day—$19.9 billion
  • Overall spending on Father's Day—$12.5 billion
  • Average spending per person in the U.S. for Mother's Day—$162.94
  • Average spending on Father's Day—$113.80
  • People who give a card to Mom—81.3%
  • People who give a card to Dad—64.1%

So the clear winner is … mom! Although dads come out ahead in at least one category—43% of dads will get an apparel gift compared to 33% of moms. So, dads, enjoy that tie!

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