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One Woman's 1,000-Day Journey

CNN recently featured the story of a woman who went for a rather long stroll—a walk that lasted 1,000 days and "took her through two continents, six countries and eight pairs of walking boots." Sarah Marquis began her adventure in Siberia and ended it in Australia, after sailing from Thailand to Brisbane and then trekking across the Australian continent. She faced wolves, extreme temperatures, and armed drug lords; she ate off the land and drank approximately 3,000 cups of tea over the course of her trip. The reason behind her walk? "It was a dream of mine," she said. "It was a response to the calling I've got inside me. I want to understand nature and what I'm made of at a deeper level."

Possible Preaching Angle:

Marquis's journey serves as a reminder of journeys we might need to undertake—maybe we don't need to walk for three years, but how do we need to respond to the callings God has given us?


Juliet Perry, “Sarah Marquis walked 10,000 miles from Siberia to Australia,” CNN (3-9-16)

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