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Two Minutes to Live

What if I told you that walking two minutes could reduce your mortality risk? According to The New York Times, a new study (fascinatingly titled "Light-Intensity Physical Activities and Mortality in the United States General Population and CKD Subpopulation"—makes you want to read it right now I bet), "offers some helpful perspective, suggesting that even a few minutes per hour of moving instead of remaining in a chair might substantially reduce the harms of oversitting." The article says, "Those who walked around after standing, replacing some of their sitting time with a light-intensity activity like strolling, gained a substantial benefit in terms of mortality risk." This study found that some of the much-discussed risks of sitting can be mitigated by doing as little as taking a 2-minute walk.

Possible Preaching Angle:

It is amazing what a little activity can do—literally, save your life! In the same way, it's easy to become spiritually sedentary and lethargic, but a little hard work of being spiritual active in our lives can go a long way.


Gretchen Reynolds, “A 2-Minute Walk May Counter the Harms of Sitting,” The New York Times (5-13-15)

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