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Autonomous Suitcase Follows It's Owner

We've had luggage with wheels and collapsible handles for a while now. It makes moving your bags around easier, even though it still isn't fun. And if you have multiple pieces, it can quickly get overwhelming. However, one company thinks it has a solution.

Enter the "smart suitcase," courtesy of Israeli firm NUA Robotics. It's a small rectangular piece of carry-on luggage that can move itself around on flat surfaces. It uses a built-in camera to follow you around, and you can pair it up with your smartphone via Bluetooth so you always know its location. For bonus features, it can charge your gadgets and has an anti-theft alarm.

Now, the actual practical value of this smart suitcase is up for debate. It isn't going to be enough luggage space for anything more than a day trip, and the added tech is presumably going to add weight when you're lifting it into an overhead bin. You'll also have to lift it upstairs, escalators, and curbs. Still, it's an interesting idea, and NUA Robotics is hoping to expand the same tech to things like shopping carts. Imagine a cart that follows you around the store instead of being pushed.

Possible Preaching Angles: (1) Mentors; Example; Influence; Parenting—Someone is always following you. So who is behind you—a child, a non-Christian, a friend, a coworker? (2) Good Deeds; Works; Rewards—The Bible says that our works do follow us—and that applies to believers and unbelievers.

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