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'Esquire' Shares Men's Lesson from Dad

For over 16 years Esquire magazine has conducted over 300 interviews in which they ask famous athletes, actors, presidents, and business leaders the same question: "What's the best thing your father has ever taught you?" But in a special fatherhood edition they asked that same question of ordinary American men. Here were some of the responses:

A 46-year-old architect from Massachusetts said, "When I was 18, I was shifting gears in my [car] and I shattered the transmission rod. I had the tow truck bring it home, figuring my dad, a self-taught mechanic, would fix it. Instead, he got a used transmission from a scrap yard and dropped it in the driveway."

A 23-year-old English teacher said, "I was pitching in a Little League championship when our defense collapsed, allowing eight runs in one inning … I threw my glove and spit, 'You guys suck!' My dad heard and made me call each player to apologize. I regretted the insult, but I wanted to pretend it didn't happen. I'd have rather been grounded for a year than make 11 humiliating calls, but luckily I had a dad who made me."

A 39-year-old from Virginia said, "That commitment is both romantic and real. [My dad] spent three decades in the Marines. He also got engaged to my mom a week after they met and they've been married for 44 years."

Brian, 36, from New Hampshire said, "[My dad taught me] don't try to solve [my wife's] problem. She simply wants your ear attentive and your mouth shut."

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