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The Napping Desk

We've all been there, that sluggish morning or exhausting evening spent in the office staring at your computer screen longing for just a little sleep. Meanwhile your chirpier colleagues are working away at their standing or treadmill desks happily typing away on their keyboards. Well there is finally a desk type for you. NL Studios has designed a "nap desk," made for the more "horizontally inclined" workers. The desk allows you to sneak in a nap during working hours, and here's the best part: you can put up the walls so no one will bother you while you nap in the privacy of your own desk.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Sneaky, yes, but it might also reveal another nasty trend: a distorted work-life balance. After all, you may not spend enough time at work; now you have to sleep at your desk too. Dude, give it a break will you.


Jessica Chou, “Nap Desks Exist & Now You Have No Reason To Leave The Office,” Refinery29 (9-22-15)

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