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Stats Show Many Workers Feel Depleted

An article in The New York Times noted a 2013 survey of 12,115 workers worldwide which found that many lacked a fulfilling workplace. Of the 12,000-plus workers surveyed, the following said they had time for these work-related activities:

  • Regular time for creative or strategic thinking—18 percent (in other words, only 18 percent of workers said they had time for this)
  • Ability to focus on one thing at a time—21 percent
  • Connection to the company's mission—25 percent
  • Opportunities to do what you enjoy the most—33 percent
  • Ability to prioritize your tasks—36 percent
  • Overall positive energy—36 percent
  • Ability to balance work and home life—37 percent
  • Ability to disengage from work—42 percent

The article concluded: "[Only] 30 percent of employees in America feel engaged at work … Around the world, across 142 countries, the proportion of employees who feel engaged at work is just 13 percent. For most of us, in short, work is a depleting, dispiriting experience, and in some obvious ways, it's getting worse."

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