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Goldfish: From Food to Hero

In a report by SoraNews, an unlikely fish has become a celebrity. An ordinary goldfish was "thrown into a tank as food for a larger species, this plucky fish not only escaped predators, but managed to slip into a water filtration tank where it survived undetected for seven years, growing to a length of 25cm (10 inches), before being discovered by aquarium staff." Though the fish is a bit discolored, it's healthy and being regarded as a "miracle" that it was able to survive that long in the tank. The secure hiding spot turned out to be a life-saving and life-changing place for the goldfish which is now the star of its own attraction at a local aquarium.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Sometimes finding a refuge, a hiding spot, a place of safety, not only keeps us safe; it helps us grow. No wonder the Psalms keep referring to God as our refuge and hiding place.


Fran W, “Giant 25cm-long ‘miracle goldfish’ found after hiding in Japanese aquarium for seven years,” SoraNews24 (6-23-15)

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