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Animal Experts Called in to Wrangle Mysterious Beast

An anonymous woman phoned the Krakow Animal Welfare Society with concerns about an unidentified, menacing object or animal in a tree near her home. When asked if it was a bird, she suggested that it might be an iguana, but she wasn’t sure. The “tree beast”--whatever it was--had been in place for two days, and some of her neighbors were afraid to open their windows out of fear of what it might do.

When animal welfare personnel arrived on the scene, they were prepared for the possibility of previously-abandoned domesticated animal, or even a wild beast that had wandered in from elsewhere. What they found, however, was a croissant. Apparently, the flaky French pastry had been lodged into the tree branch so high up that neighbors were unable to identify it from a distance.

The theory floated by the animal welfare spokesperson on social media was that perhaps someone had tossed it into the tree attempting to feed the birds, but it remained uneaten. Despite the hilarious nature of the misunderstanding, animal welfare officials reiterated that citizens should still call if they’re unsure about a potential animal-related danger.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Don't let the fear of unknown circumstances make you a prisoner. Trust that any challenge can be overcome, when you put your faith in God instead of circumstances.

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