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Missing Woman Joins Search Party for … Herself

The Toronto Sun reported: "A group of tourists spent hours Saturday night looking for a missing woman near Iceland's Eldgja canyon, only to find her among the search party. The group was travelling through Iceland on a tour bus and stopped near the volcanic canyon in the southern highlands Saturday afternoon. One of the women on the bus left to change her clothes and freshen up. When she came back, her bus mates didn't recognize her. Soon, there was word of a missing passenger. The woman didn't recognize the description of herself, and joined in the search. About 50 people searched the terrain by vehicles and on foot. The coast guard was even readying a helicopter to help. But the search was called off at about 3 a.m., when it became clear the missing woman was, in fact, accounted for and searching for herself."

Possible Preaching Angle:

Can any of you relate? Sometimes, the one we're searching frantically for is much, much closer than we think.

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