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TV Show 'Chopped' Features Weekly 'Mystery Basket'

Every episode the Food Network TV show Chopped features a competition between very experienced chefs. They're each given a "mystery basket" containing a seemingly random list of ingredients. But whatever is there, they must use it to create a delicious meal that impresses the judges. On one episode, for instance, the basket included pound cake, a calf's liver, an unusually bitter vegetable, and a small game bird. Now these chefs are all very well trained. They can make an appetizer. They can whip up a great dessert. But when they open up a basket to discover they have to make an appetizer with mussels and waffles, or a dessert with tomatoes and tofu—that's when things get real interesting.

It's easy to study marriage in theory. But when you get married you'll open up your "mystery basket" and discover the ingredients you've been given to work with. And based on the ingredients, what you've learned in theory may or may not actually apply to what you've got to work with. And ask anyone who's been married very long and they'll tell you, there's always a surprise in each basket. An unexpected illness. An unknown wound or insecurity. An in-law who was only supposed to stay for 2 weeks. The basket is full of surprises. But no matter what you find in there, you've still have the task to create a Christian marriage and home.

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